Our K9 unit is supported through the PBA in that all of the dogs and some of the equipment are purchased through PBA fund raised money from a separate K9 Unit Fund account. These fundraisers are set up and executed by current and past K9 handlers (obviously also PBA members). To date, none of the purchase price and initial costs of the dogs have been funded by anything other than fundraised money. To date we (PBA) have purchased five dogs since 1994. The average cost of a police dog has changed over the years but currently a police dog costs $6,500.00.

K9 supports the PBA in the community by establishing excellent public relations through public demonstrations. These demonstrations are presented upon request and include but are not limited to schools, daycares, colleges, boys/girls scouts, Town of Poughkeepsie Community Day, Dutchess County Fair, and the National Night Out.